Pitt Recognized as NVIDIA CUDA Research Center

The University of Pittsburgh has been selected as an NVIDIA CUDA Research Center for 2011. This was enabled by the Center for Simulation and Modeling (SAM). Over the past two years, SAM has worked with a number of Pitt researchers to assist them in utilizing GPU computing with NVIDIA’s CUDA for various research projects in computational chemistry, physics, computational biology, biological sciences, and chemical engineering. Recently SAM has expanded the GPU resources that are available to all Pitt researchers and led a number of efforts (GPU symposium, CUDA training as part of courses, GPU user groups) to advance GPU computing in various science and engineering disciplines on campus. For more information on the CUDA research center program from NVIDIA, visit the CRC page.

To join the GPU User Group at the University of Pittsburgh, please visit the GP3UG page.

NVIDA University of Pittsburgh Announcement