New Cluster for High Performance Computing Applications: A Partnership between SaM and CSSD

Modeling and simulation are becoming increasingly important for addressing problems in medicine, public health, material science, renewable energy, and climate change mitigation. The University has acquired a new high performance computing cluster “Frank” in order to advance computational-based research. The cluster was made possible through support from the Provost’s office. The new cluster purchased from Penguin Computing will be jointly administered by Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) and the Center for Simulation and Modeling (SAM). The cluster has forty nodes: thirty with two 6-core Intel Westmere CPUs, 48 GB RAM and ten with four 12-core AMD Magny-Cours CPUs, 128 GB RAM. Most of the nodes are connected with a high speed Infiniband network to improve the performance of parallel calculations using simultaneous CPUs across multiple nodes. Four of the Westmere nodes have four Nvidia Fermi general purpose graphics processing units (GPUs) which can speed up certain applications by as much as a factor of 200 compared to calculations performed on a single core of a standard CPU.

More information on the new computer cluster and how to apply for an allocation on this or on other research computer clusters at SAM may be found on the Resources page.