EU/US HPC Challenges in High Performance Computing Summer School

As Barry Schneider, NSF-OCI told students who attended last year’s summer school, we know that the grand challenges of the future will be solved by large teams of multidisciplinary researchers. One objective for the experience is to bring young multinational researchers together that may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. The seeds we plant at this summer school will yield the fruit of future discovery and develop friendships among young innovators that will last a lifetime.

Last year they hosted 60 students from 20 countries at the first EU-US joint summer school Italy. There were 35 EU and 25 US students in attendance. Twenty percent of the attendees were female! Among the US students were many international students who attend US colleges or work in US labs. While the presence of varied cultural backgrounds provides a richer exchange, it was unfortunate that more of the available US seats weren’t filled by US natives who would have contributed to, and benefited from, this experience.

To read about last year’s summer school, visit:

This year TeraGrid will select 35 students and the EU will send 25. Please spread the word at RP sites among graduate and postdoctoral scholars who use HPC for their research, or who work in your labs. US nationals, female, and minority students are especially encouraged to apply by the April 25 deadline.

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