Employment/Research Opportunity for Students

Seeking qualified students with programming experience to assist in various projects as listed below on an hourly basis.

Position 1: HAZEL

The student will be responsible for developing a NetLogo model to analyze the primary care provision and utilization patterns in the pre- and post-Hurricane Sandy periods in New York City as well as statistical analysis of associated data. Qualifications must include skills in NetLogo programming and statistical analysis using Stata, etc. Students experienced in other programming languages and environments such as Python, C++, Java, etc. are also encouraged to apply.

Position 2: PHASYS-1

The student will be responsible for developing web applications for database management and information visualization. These applications help local health departments to analyze and manage their workload for emergency preparedness and response. PHP and database (PostgreSQL or MySQL) programming experience is required.

Position 3: PHASYS-2

The student will be responsible for writing programs to help researchers for modeling and analysis of legal statutes for emergency preparedness. The student will also be responsible for the design, development, and testing of a software application and user guide that analyzes local health departments’ emergency preparedness responses. Programming experience in one of the standard languages such as Python, R, Java, etc. is required. The tasks include text processing, visualization, and documentation.

This positions are available for immediate start, and will pay on an hourly basis. If you are interested, please submit your CV/résumé to Ms. Leslie Fink at Pitt Public Health (lfink@pitt.edu). Please use the position name in the subject line.