Course: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Term: Spring 2014
Course Number: 33-658 or 33-758
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00 to 4:15 PM
Room: Wean Hall 7316 (CMU)
Credits: 10 units (33-658) or 12 units (33-758)
Instructor: Robert Griffiths


Description: The course provides a basic introduction to quantum information and quantum computation, including teleportation, dense coding, quantum cryptography, Shor’s factorization algorithm, Grover’s search algorithm, errors and error correction, and possibilities for physical realizations. Quantum mechanics, information theory, and computer science are NOT prerequisites, but students are expected to have some acquaintance with linear algebra (eigenvalues, Hermitian matrices, etc.).

The course is offered for credit in two versions: 33-658 (10 units), 33-758 (12 units). Lectures, exams, problem assignments, and a final paper (in lieu of a final exam) are the same for both. The 12 unit course includes an additional weekly seminar on quantum information following one of the class hours.